HCI stands out from the competition and is truly unique because of our client relationships. We become not only a provider of equipment and personnel, but a trusted partner and consultant that works closely with clients to ensure a successful venture for them, for their patients and for their physicians.

HCI’s flexible approach to finding solutions has allowed us to work with many different kinds of clients with different needs. We’ve been doing this since 1998, when we identified the need for clinical, technical and management expertise for the establishment and operation of quality diagnostic imaging services. HCI’s management brings decades of experience toward that objective. Our goal has always been to provide a service that is of the highest quality for our client at a price that is competitive while taking on the many responsibilities associated with running an imaging department.

HCI’s pioneering effort in lab accreditation is one example of our focus on quality. HCI’s original focus was working with physician groups that desired to have imaging as part of their practice. Within this segment we’ve had great success working with physician groups of all sizes, from as small as one physician to facilities with more than 100 physicians. Based on our success in the physician market, HCI has successfully expanded into university based departments and the Critical Access Hospital (CAH) market.

Going forward, HCI will continue to provide this outstanding service for our customers while continuing to incorporate new technologies and opportunities to empower our clients and help them to provide the best possible health care to patients.