HCI is dedicated to the Critical Access Hospital (CAH) and rural health market.  We have been servicing this market for years and understand rural health is unique.  We know what is required for an imaging department to be successful.  HCI works with our clients to ensure that referring physicians understand how to correctly order tests as well as the value of the tests. We work with patients so that they understand that the test is available locally. As a result of these actions, patients will stay local and your facility will see an increased number of accurately ordered tests resulting in excellent patient care and increased hospital revenue.

HCI is more than an equipment, personnel or service provider. What makes us different is that we know exactly what you are looking for and we provide everything that you need. HCI provides world class imaging and will help you grow it to its fullest potential. HCI staff will be onsite regularly and be a constant resource for you.

We realize that quality customer service is something you must truly dedicate yourself to if you want to do it well. We have a proven track record that we have built over the past 18 years, and we know our involvement with your facility will pay off. 

Please review our Case Study which highlights the recent success in the implementation of nuclear services through our partnership with a Critical Access Hospital.  In a short time, we have experienced great progress; adding to the hospital’s bottom-line while improving patient care in the community.