Diagnostic Solutions to Provide the Highest Possible Level of Patient Care


HeartCare Imaging (HCI) works with hospitals and physicians to effortlessly add and/or upgrade important diagnostic services. HCI provides everything needed to have Imaging Services up and running in an affordable and timely manner. But that isn’t all! HCI also provides consulting and education to ensure your diagnostic services are performing at world class levels. HCI doesn’t just provide technology and technologists, we take care of all aspects of the imaging service allowing our customers to focus on patient care.

The addition of needed diagnostic testing services to hospitals and physician group facilities improves performance and elevates reputation. If you are interested in providing Diagnostic Imaging Services on-site but have been deterred by financial, time, or support constraints, HCI has your solution! Contact us to find out how you can order tests based on the needs of patients without worrying about the cost of the study.

Providing Solutions Since 1998